As we all know PULSE is a mega cultural event of our college, in fact it is one of the biggest events in the twin cities. Our college celebrates it every year which reflects the creativity and innovative talents of the GRIETians.

PULSE is usually held in the months of February and March.  The fest starts at 10:00 AM in the morning and runs until 1:00 AM in the mid-night. In the morning session various cultural events like singing competitions, rock bands, dance competitions etc are conducted.The highlight of the cultural show was the beat boxing which was appreciated by all the students. We usually have the auditions of Mr and Ms Pulse in which the finalist, compete with each other. Mentors ask a few questions based on which they choose Mr and Ms PULSE. 

Special mention about the breath-taking wonderful flash mob who danced really well and then the DJ which started at around 5:30 and went on till 6:30 in which the students danced to the music dished out by the DJ.