Research is for the elite. The furtherance of technology and its contribution to the society are the key ingredients and basis for research. Innovative thought, proficiency in the subject and intellectual capability are the qualities one expects from a researcher. A binding of such capabilities in some individual at GRIET has brought excessive success in research.

The research at GRIET started with getting funding from AICTE worth Rs. 7 lakhs for the Flow Forming project. Due to the combined effort of researchers and some money supplied by the management, a dedicated Metal Forming Research lab was established. Further enhancement in the facilities for this lab was carried out by the funding provided by DST and several schemes of AICTE. This particular lab houses approximately 1.5 crore equipment and published more than 50 papers by various researchers in high impact factor international journals and conferences . The state-of-art facilities developed in the laboratory are Warm Sheet Metal Forming of various materials, high temperature testing of materials using UTM, simulation capabilities and development of Bio-composite materials using Bio-resources.



S.No. Name of the Principal Investigator(PI) Project Title Funding Agency Amount in Lakhs


Duration Status
1 Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh Investigation on Dynamic Deformation Behavior of Tungsten Heavy Alloys (WHAs) for Defence Applications DRDO/ARMREB 40.7 2021-24 On-Going
Enhancement of Mechanical Properties and Forming Behavior of AZ31 Alloy using Shear Deformation Techniques for Automotive & Aerospace Applications DST 26.6 2020-23 On-Going
Theoretical and Simulation based approaches to determine the forming limit diagrams of Ti- 6Al-4V at elevated temperatures AR&DB 26.5 2020-23 On-Going
Study the effect of friction on formability of end at elevated temperature AICTE 20.97 2017-20 Completed
Forming of Austenitic Stainless Steel (ASS) 304 in Super elastic region UGC (Research Award) 39 2016-18 Completed
Comparison of Formability and Texture studies of Zr alloy-4 sheet when produced by rolling and pilgering route BRNS- DAE 37.95 2014-17 Completed
Understanding forming behavior of Ti-6Al-4V material between 400-850C in deep drawing set up AR & DB 9.68 2015-17 Completed
Construction of qualitative warm working processing maps for ASS 304 material SERB 14.0 2013-16 Completed
2 Dr. U.S Jyothi Analysis on Performance and Emissions with Biodiesel by Changing the Piston Bowl Geometry UGC 3.1 2017-19 Completed
3 Dr. Swadesh Kumar Singh/ Dr. K. Satyanarayana Fist – Level 0 DST 99.0 2017-22 On-going
4 Dr. B.Tanya Exploring the alternative bio based adhesive for plywood manufacturing UGC 2.0 2013-16 Completed
5 Dr. K. Satyanarayana Formability and fractography studies on aluminium hybrid composite produced by vacuum stir casting UGC 12.0 2019-21 Completed
6 Dr. L. Jayahari Characterization and metallographic studies of INCONEL 718 when formed and subjected to sub-zero temperature TEQIP-III, JNTUH 2.55 2019-21 Completed
7 B. Ch. Nookaraju Thermal Hydraulics of Heat Pipe Heat Sinks for Electronics Cooling Application AICTE(RPS) 6.0 2013-15 Completed


S. No

Name of the Principal Investigator(PI)

Project Title

Project Type

Funding Agency

Amount in Rupees



Dr.B. Tanya

Prediction of mechanical proper􀆟es for Fire Composites using Machine Learning Models


MIC Pvt Ltd


2 years



Characterization and Performance evaluation of Ultra-High strength steel fibre Reinforced Reactive powder Concrete for Structural Applications




5 years



Design and Development of Consultancy for testing axial load, radial load, rotary torque and oscillations torque test machines


Ample auto tech private limited


2 years

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